Modern KTV design shows the characteristics of fashion, romance and luxury incisively and vividly. In KTV design, the most important and basic is lighting design, which highlights the temperament of the environment through lighting design, and has become the decoration highlight of most KTV and other entertainment places.

The design of lighting system follows the rules of stage art performance and special use requirements. Its purpose is to design and configure the lighting process equipment required for the reproduction of various performing arts according to system engineering so that the lighting system can meet the KTV system standard.


The lights should be arranged in an all-round and three-dimensional manner to eliminate the blind area of irradiation and can be flexibly combined as needed.

Adopt: 4 sets of 100w LED full-color pattern lights; 2 sets of three bee eye lasers; 1 full-color laser; 6 six bee eye lasers and 1 double-layer butterfly lights.


* Create a complete stage lighting free space to meet all lighting requirements;

* In order to make the system operate continuously, appropriately increase the reserve and expand the space;

* The anti-interference ability and safety of the system are taken as important design indicators;

* High efficiency and energy-saving cold light new lights are introduced into the system design;

* DMX512 digital signal network technology is applied to KTV lighting.

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