In many regions, the number of Christians is rapidly increasing, and churches have become an essential feature of urban design. Modern churches serve multiple social functions in addition to being holy places where people can practice their religion:

(1) Community or an important place for social activities;

(2) Important channel for amateur education;

(3) They are a must-go place for people to entertain;

(4) The primary location for charitable activities.

Overall, because modern churches play an increasingly essential role in modern social life, intelligent church architecture is an important aspect of improving the roles listed above.


itc can design a complete solutions for the church, which can meet the daily music playing, video display, high-quality sound effect and stage lighting rendering effect. Let’s take a look at the IP PA system church solution.


What is itc 77 series IP PA System?

IP network digital broadcast for multi-regional audio distribution, point-to-point long-distance audio transmission.

With the existing Ethernet network, the installation cost is currently the lowest, configuration and usage is very simple.


Five Featured Functions of itc 77 Series IP PA System

Real-time Audio Acquisition: Support sound card or terminal audio acquisiton , the external source  will be real-time compressed into high-quality data stream to the terminal. The optimized sound quality is comparable to the broadcast sound quality.

Terminal Preset: Device automatically connect to the server and configure, avoiding a variety of tedious configuration.

MP3 Remote Sharing: Unified management of media files through the web as your will

TTS Text to Speech: Built-in TTS text-to-speech function, by cooperation with IFLY TEK, the sound quality can reach the highest kevel in this field.

Digital Map: Import any project plan, the terminal status will be real-time displayed , support full screen display, it can be output to the LCD TV.

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