LED screens are mainly used in the exterior wall area of shopping malls, shopping mall lobby areas, and commercial street areas

The LED large-screen display system has intuitive pictures, flexible content, and low cost. It is often used in the exterior of shopping malls and in the lobbies to play advertising


System Diagram


System List

Shopping CentreScreenOutdoor full color LED screenTV-PD250-YZN
Sending BoxTV-810S4NPcs
Control equipment and supporting equipmentIntelligent control systemLED Software1Set
Output cardTV-8202HX1Pcs
Output cardTV-8204HC1Pcs
Output cardTV-8204DCNPcs
Input cardTV-8204HR1Pcs
Input cardTV-8204SR1Pcs
Input cardTV-8204SR1Pcs
Optical fiber receiving boxTV-8201HRNPcs
Optical fiber sending boxTV-8201HTNPcs
Power Distribution CabinetTV-C8120KW1Pcs

* High refresh rate

Adopting nanosecond display technology, to cut LED screen frame switching time to be extremely short, to eliminate the tail, ghosting of fast dynamic picture during the LCD, DLP processing

* Signal loop hot backup system

To greatly reduce the  black screen due to communication problem

* Picture with better layering

Ultra-clear and non-destructive technology, high gray and low brightness, both have high grayscale expressiveness, and the display screen is more layered.

* High color restoration

Adopting the world’s leading point-by-point correction technology, with advanced green restoration and skin tone restoration functions, it can completely suit the human eye’s perception of color habits and truly restore the natural color

* High precision, more complete picture

The high-precision cabinet cooperates with the ITC seam fine-tuning mechanical design and supports module-level fine-tuning to ensure the display effect of zero seams. The screen body is flat and has no unevenness, and the screen has no bright or dark lines. Satisfy the needs of data display when speaking

* Intelligent distribution system

Realize the remote wired control power on the LED display screen, and the screen body can be switched on and off regularly. In addition, the screen adopts the power-on method of “step-by-step power-on”, which not only avoids the momentary impact of heavy load on the grid, but also effectively protects the working components of the screen and prolongs the service life of the screen.

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