TR-0730 Network Active Speaker

Jaminan Garansi

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The supporting small space conference room is used in the central control system. And the desktop bookshelf box is exquisite and beautiful, with exquisite

craftsmanship, showing high-grade temperament.


* Built-in 1 channel network hardware audio decoding module to realize the network transmission of 16-bit CD sound quality audio signal.

* Built-in dual power amplifier, digital bass amplifier, powerful low frequency, high efficiency amplifier; analog high-pitched amplifier to ensure soft sound


* Digital products are easy to expand and not limited by geographical location. There is no need to increase the equipment room management equipment. They

adopt the common network free line construction design concept which are easy to install.


Model TR-0730
Rated power Bass 2*12W, treble 2*0.5W
Network Interface Standard RJ45 input
Transmission rate 100Mbps
Audio format MP3
Audio mode 16-bit CD sound quality
Sampling Rate 48KHz
Frequency response 70Hz ~ 20KHz (with the local test curve)
Harmonic distortion ≤1%
SNR >68dB(A) (bass)
Maximum power consumption of the whole machine ≤60W
Protecting circuit Overload, short circuit protection (bass)
Working temperature -10°C〜+45°C
Working environment humidity 20% to 80% relative humidity, no condensation
Working power ~110V-240V 50Hz-60Hz
Weight 3.3Kg
Dimensions 240*160*205mm (including net cover)