TS-94144UHM Seamless HD Matrix Switcher

Jaminan Garansi

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Hybrid seamless matrix switcher is a flexible matrix signal switcher. With high-performance hardware design, it perfectly supports switching and processing of various HD digital/analog signals. It provides a one-stop solution for various video and control signal distribution/switching/processing in various industries, which can be widely used in broadcast and television projects, multimedia conference halls, LED video wall projects, TV teaching, command centers and other places.


*  Modular matrix controller with configurable input/output signal boards, support 144×144 signal switching.

*  Support HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, HD BaseT, optical fiber or any input / output signal board, improve system flexibility. DVI input board is compatible with CVBS, YUV, VGA signal, VGA input / output board are compatible with CVBS, YUV, VGA.

*  Customized configuration of various types of the same or different I/O boards to form a matrix of single interface type or multi-interface type, such as HDMI matrix, DVI matrix, VGA matrix, YUV matrix, Video matrix, etc.

*  Support maximum resolution up to 3840×2160 30Hz.

*  Support seamless switching function, no black screen signal during the switching process.

*  Flexible control mode, with 1 channel RS-232, 1 channel RS-485, 1 channel TCP/IP port (PC software), support external panel control interface.

*  Support audio and video signal synchronization switching, switching response speed is fast.

*  Support analog audio and HDMI embedded audio selection input.

*  Support analog audio and HDMI embedded audio output at the same time.

*  HDBaseT input and output signals support bidirectional RS-232 and bidirectional IR signal transmission, which can switch between RS-232 and IR signals with video signal, or separate switching mode, and support POC external power supply.

*  Support power-off memory protection to avoid repeated setting action when power off.

*  Support intelligent temperature control to control the operation of the matrix fan;

*  Configure redundant power supply and support hot swap;

*  Multiple preset instructions can be stored in the system, which can be switched with one button when calling.

*  Support KVM agent management function, switch and manage multiple computer devices through a set of keyboard, mouse and display, bring users real-time and full-scale management and control experience.


Model TS-94144UHM
Input board 36
Output board 36
Control board 1
Input channel 144
Output channel 144
Serial port 1×RS-232 (9-pin female D-type interface)
Baud rate and protocol 9600; data bits: 8 bits, stop bits: 1, no parity
RS-485control interface 4-digit 3.8mm Phoenix interface for use with touch panels
Ethernet control interface RJ-45 female interface
Ethernet control rate Adaptive 10M/100M, full or half duplex
Power supply AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz, international adaptive power supply
Environment temperature -20℃—+70℃
Dimension(mm) 484 x 500 x 1305mm (L*W*H)
Weight 78Kg (full of I/O boards)