TK-L210 Line Array Speaker

Jaminan Garansi

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It uses distortion-free wavefront transmission technology, and adopts professional design and strict experiments, making the frequency range of each speaker group do not interfere with each other, so as to ensure that the frequency response and SPL within the coverage area are even, and the sound is very clear and consistent. Working with the subwoofer system, it can be widely used in various small and medium performances, theaters, auditoriums, banquet halls, multi-function halls and other high-end venues.


* It consists of two 10″ woofers and a 3″ tweeter driver.

* The specially designed tweeter enables good sound wave output, long sound coverage distance, strong penetration and wide coverage.

* High-quality high-density birch wood housing, precision CNC processing.

* Professional aviation sockets and plugs with good electrical characteristics.

* Emery spraying process, high-grade and wear-proof surface.

* 0°~10° professional hoisting installation, user-friendly design, convenient engineering assembly.


Model TK-L210
Type 2-frequency linear array full-range speaker
Nominal impedance Woofer 8Ω, tweeter 8Ω
Frequency range 55Hz-20kHz
Rated power Woofer 700W, tweeter 120W
Peak power Woofer 2800W, tweeter 480W
Sensitivity LF: 104dB, HF: 109dB (1m/1W)
Maximum SPL(rated/peak) Woofer: 132dB/138dB, tweeter: 130dB/136dB
Horizontal coverage angle (-6dB) 110°
Vertical coverage angle (-6dB) 10°
Woofer 10″×2
Tweeter 3″ compressed driver× 1
Net weight 34.2kg
Size 300×924×488mm(H×W×D)