T-2500KS Multimedia Amplifier

Jaminan Garansi

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markets, schools, KTV and other places.


* The audio source supports multiple inputs such as optical fiber, coaxial, USB, Bluetooth, line, microphone and so on.

* Built-in DSP audio processing supports delay, reverberation, mixing, anti-howling (7-level frequency shift), tone shift (10-level), vocal excitation, original vocal elimination, and other functions.

* Support infrared remote control, coding switch control, and button control.

* The panel LCD display can realize intuitive display of various functions and working status.

* Provide 3 RCA line inputs, and 3 balanced microphone inputs with phantom power.

* Adopt DSP processor to preset multiple scene modes.

* The volume of each microphone is independently adjustable, the effect is adjustable, the music volume is independently adjustable; the treble, alto and bass are adjustable.

* Built-in RS485 communication central control integrated control function.

* Support USB playback, and support MP3, WAV, APE, FLAC and other mainstream music formats.

* Support soft starter protection for power on/off, and the voltage limit, short circuit, overload, and overheat protection.

* Panel: aluminum alloy material.

* Built-in 48V phantom switch control function.

* It supports Bluetooth function and can be connected to mobile phones, computers and other devices.

* Each microphone input has a gain adjustment function, and the microphone can match the best input state of the amplifier.


Model T-2500KS
Rated output power 2x500W@4R; 2x350W@8R
Input sensitivity and impedance MIC1, 2, 3: ±2.5mV/600Ω-±200mV/10KΩ, with phantom balanced input); DVD: 350mV/10KΩ, (unbalanced input); VCD: 350mV/10KΩ, (unbalanced input); BMG: 350mV /10KΩ, (unbalanced input); optical fiber, coaxial: 1000mV
Output S.W(150Hz): 1V/470Ω; PRE: 1V±50mv/470Ω; REC: 200mV±20mv/470Ω
Microphone tone Low frequency: ±10dBat100Hz; Intermediate frequency: ±10dBat2KHz; High frequency: ±10dBat10KHz
Music tone Low frequency: ±10dBat100Hz; Intermediate frequency: ±10dBat2KHz; High frequency: ±10dBat10KHz
THD Amplifier rated output power 1Kz (under 1/8A power condition) ≤0.1%
USB playback Support MP3, WAV, APE, FLAC
Communication RS485 communication central control integrated control function
Frequency response DVD, VCD, BGM: 20HZ (±3dB)-20KHZ (± 3dB); Mic: 50HZ (± 3dB)-16KHZ (± 3dB)
SNR Mic: ≥85dB; Music: ≥85dB
Protection Overload, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage protection
Indicator light Power supply, output level
Power voltage ~220V 50Hz
Power consumption 1200W
Weight 7.1kg
Dimension 430×395×88mm (L×W×H)