KS-12A35 Portable Active Column Speaker

Jaminan Garansi

  • Check Mark 3 Tahun Speaker System
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It is used in mobile performances, small and medium clubs, auditoriums, banquet halls, multipurpose halls and various high-end occasions.


* Adopt one 12-inch woofer and eight 3.5-inch mid tweeters.

* The woofer is made of 15mm birch plywood; the column speaker is made of 9mm birch plywood; the surface is sand-sprayed, wear-resistant and high-grade.

* Active portable linear array speaker system contains powerful sound effect, portability, easy installation, high sound pressure level and a wide low frequency range.

* The integrated woofer adopts a band-pass dual inverted design to provide the powerful bass effect; the mid tweeter adopts a phase plug line sound source design, while avoiding the bulky shape.


Model KS-12A35
Rated power 600W+600W
Peak power 24 00W+ 24 00W
Crossover frequency 4th/200Hz, DSP electronic frequency division
Frequency range 40Hz-20KHz
Input port 2 XLR multi-function jack inputs, 1 stereo RCA input, 1 Bluetooth input, 1 XLR output
Function Support low frequency boost, Bluetooth support TWS, support one-key noise reduction
Maximum SPL (rated/peak) 122dB/128dB
Voltage input AC 220V 50Hz-60Hz
Coverage 140° (H) 40° (V)
Woofer 12″ × 1
Mid tweeter 3.5″ × 8
Net weight 25.5kg
Dimension (H×W×D) Woofer: 625×365×450mm

Column speaker: 800×103×180mm

Support rod: 800×35×50mm

Total height 2000mm