These professional amplifier system application for large music concern stage, make sure coverage and quality.


Equipment list

1TS-331Wired Handheld Microphone1
2TS-338Conference Desktop Mic1
3TS-338UHF segment LCD liquid crystal display FM true diversity Wireless Mic, two handheld mics1
4T-522ASignal distributor1
5T-522BLogarithmic directional antennas1
6TS-16PFX-416 Channel Mixer with 4 Group Busses1
7TS-2058 Channel Stereo Signal Distributor1
8TS-P8808 Input and 8 Output Digital Audio Matrix Processor1
9TS-234Stereo Feedback Supressor1
10TS-500PIProfessional Stereo Amplifier, 2 channel,2×500W@8Ω2
11TS-700PIProfessional Stereo Amplifier, 2 channel,2×700W@8Ω1
12TS-812FHigh-End Stage Loudspeaker,  12” , 400W @8Ω2
13TS-610PHigh-End Entertainment Loudspeaker, 10”, 300W @8Ω2
14TS-615SSubwoofer, 15”, 500W @8Ω2
15LA-1800PActive Line Array Loudspeaker, Subwoofer, 500W@4Ω, 18” x 12
16LA-2650PActive Line Array Loudspeaker, two way active line array loudspeaker,300W@8Ω(AES),8”x 28
17LA-P03Mounting Bracket for line array speaker LA-1800P/LA-2800P2
18LA-P02Gourd rack1

System Diagram


System Features

1. itc Audio Matrix Processor use standard TCP/IP network control protocols, which   can input and output 8 channel balanced mic/line audio signal at same time to realize remote network audio transmission and audio sharing at large sound system place, especially large concert stage.

2. Active line array speaker(LA-2800P&LA-1800P) as the main speaker,  TS-610, TS-812F ,T615S loudspeaker as assistant speaker, they will broadcast music together to make sure sounds can be covered to whole concert venue in excellent quality.

3. Built in Audio Mixer (TS-16PFX-4 ), Audio Feedback Suppressor(TS-234) and audio processor(TS-P880) to make sure the music in excellent quality, let audience to enjoy the ultimate sound experience!

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