EN54-16 standard design can be used to be voice alarm and public address systems,support real-time monitoring and voice reminding.

Can be used in hotels, airports, schools and other public places.


Voice alarm evacuation system is with pre-configured multiple alarm schemes, voice reminding message, evacuate the crowd; remote guidance and evacuation can be conducted through the software, controller and fireman microphone.


1. Fully digital public address system integrate with voice evacuation system.

2. Amplifier failure automatic change into standby amplifier.

3. Speaker line online supervision and fault warning & indications.

4. Customized voice message recorded and download by 8GB SD memory cards.

5. The host is integrated with built-in voice alarm modules of 4 independent channels.


6. 13 channels voice information can be output to difference power zones and audio source zones.

7. Multiple programmable voice alarm modes.

8. Multiple operation modes, off-line operation achievable.

9. Fault log in and operation history record.

10.Module system max can be 255 zones.

11. Fireman emergency microphone with highest priority.


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