itc LED lighting system with conference lighting, adjustable system,conference mode switch, and short response time.


Meeting Mode:

High-brightness ultra-quiet meeting, no strobe light, no glare.

Performance Mode:

Make the stage beautiful, the interaction of the main and auxiliary lighting, rendering the atmosphere.

Type of itc Stage Lighting


Moving Head Light:

The beam light is to focus the light source on a focus so that the light source is more concentrated and emitted to form a light beam.

Effect Light:

Effect lights are mainly used to render the colors of the stage, to enhance the atmosphere.

Film Light:

The film and television lamp is a type of lamp used for lighting and achieving a certain light effect in stage performances and film and television shooting.

AuditoriumSurface light300W LED  Focusing Image-Forming LightTL-SL327Npcs
First top light14R Moving Head Beam LightTL-SL111Npcs
54W LED PAR LightTL-SL202Npcs
Second top light54W LED PAR LightTL-SL202Npcs
300W Flat Soft LED LightTL-SL302Npcs
Effect machineEffect smoke  machineTL-SL601Npcs
ControllerLighting Console 1024TL-SL7111pcs
Straight Through BoxTL-SL7511pcs
Signal amplifierTL-SL7311pcs

Conference Lighting:

Through the imported LED lamp bead materials, the meeting lighting effect of the lecture hall is clear, no ghosting, no glare, so that participants’ meeting fatigue is reduced Enjoy the meeting.

Conference Mode Switch:

Support the call of light mode. There is a high-performance console in the background, which rapidly calls different meeting modes of the auditorium and adapts to the lighting effect of different meetings of the auditorium by using different light scenes.


Adjustable System:

The power consumption caused of stage lighting can be saved by adjusting the lighting scene procedure according to the quantity of people in the report hall and the scale of the meeting.


Short Response Time:

The lighting on time of LED stage light is in milliseconds, which fully meets the use of emergency meeting in the reporting hall. When switching the light mode, the response degree of the light body can also switched rapidly.

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