Most of the school’s publicity is carried out by hanging banners or printing colored paper. This traditional publicity method is too simple, and its publicity effect is not strong. At the same time, because the content needs to be changed frequently, it is easy to lead to paper waste and high labor cost, and the extra work is more complicated. Deploying LED displays in schools not only immediately reduces costs and reduces paper and printer use, but LED displays are more compelling than the traditional dry, lifeless school bulletin boards.


The use of LED display screen for information release and school publicity will be more vivid and intuitive. Compared with the outdated information often displayed on the school bulletin board, LED display screen can quickly and timely update information is a major highlight, which is more conducive to the development of school work and improve work efficiency.


LED display has no visual split-seam design, high refresh rate, good uniformity, presenting the best visual effect. It is helpful to carry out the propaganda work of the school and greatly enhance the publicity effect.

* Ultra HD image synchronous output, school live broadcast recording is not late, breakthrough Mosaic picture quality;

* Intelligent brightness adjustment, automatic adaptation environment, itc school information release LED display can automatically adjust the brightness according to the surrounding light and dark changes, in different light and environment does not affect the visual effect of the display;

* itc school information release LED display screen can meet the needs of long-term stable work with excellent display effect. It can play an important role in the publicity of the school, help to show the teaching results and improve the image of the school. At the same time, the flexible maintenance mode can greatly save the maintenance cost .


LED large screen function

* Seamless splicing

* High refresh rate

* Low light and high ash

* Good uniformity

* Intelligent brightness adjustment

* Single point color correction

* Without a glance

* Zero noise

* Low power consumption

* High precision

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