Smart hotel technology has become an ever-growing trend in the hotel industry today as an increasing number of hotel brands like Hilton, Marriott turn to smart hotel systems for frictionless services and enhanced guest experience.

From the consumer perspective, a hotel is more than a place to stay overnight. They are more inclined to choose a hotel that provides high-end service and also a heightened sense of relaxation.


What is a smart hotel?

A smart hotel is a hotel embracing internet-connected devices powered by the Internet of Things, which conveys efficient information flow and flexible remote communication.

More than that, smart hotels with advanced operational system helps staff respond intelligently to user requests,  thus enhancing customer loyalty and promoting the hotel brand image.


Systems for the smart hotel solution

To keep abreast of the technological trends, itc designs full-featured AV solutions that pack ease of use, high-tech innovation and a high degree of flexibility to supercharge smart hotels.


itc DIMS integrates all of an organization’s systems and processes into one complete framework, which realizes the interconnection and intercommunication of audio and video data from multiple geographical locations.


As for the hotel, the unified management of audio announcements, video resources can be realized in the reception hall, training room and meeting hall. It results in more efficient work routines and improved coordination of activities within different departments.

2►LED display

itc LED video wall presents unmatched vision with HDR technology, automatic pixel calibration and seamless stitching.


Placed in the lobby, the indoor LED screen can be used to broadcast hotel cultures, venue guidance and share helpful information such as local news, weather, nearby restaurants and so on.

3►Pro sound system

Pro sound system is widely used in hotel corridors, reception halls, banquet halls and restaurants for clear information announcements. It presents far-reaching sound in precise and accurate coverage, bringing an audiovisual feast to the audience.


4►Stage lighting


itc believes that bespoke guest communication and digitalized journey are the keys to an unforgettable experience the guests seek. The smart hotel solution greatly answers the customers’ expectations.

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