The factory group’s organizational structure is vast and complex, and its subsidiaries are widely dispersed. One of the most essential subjects in corporate management has always been how to increase internal communication, improve internal cooperation efficiency, and make group operations more efficient and seamless.

So, how should an all-in-one business video conferencing system be implemented? The primary strength of itc’s factory video conferencing solution is its increased attention on deployment and management over typical Plus video conferencing systems.


Function of board room: It is high-end meeting room for decision-making by factory leaders, and video conferences with remote branches of the group.


Remote Video System Design

* Deploy 1 HD video terminal, and 3 HD conference cameras in the board room main venue.

* The whole system can hold HD conference with the highest image resolution and fluency of 1080P 60 frames per second in the current industry, providing users with the highest visual enjoyment.


Video Conference Camera Layout


According to the layout of the board room, three-point tracking method is used for camera tracking, the installation height is 2.2M, and the angle with the subject is less than 15 degrees.

Remote Video System Application Function


* Design remote video conferences in the board room to realize the upload, release and sharing of corporate culture spirit and systems between the group and each branch, effectively reducing the travel expenses.

* Staff on business trips can participate in conferences through remote video software.

* If other subsidiaries have used other brands of remote video conferences, they can also communicate with the main venue through standard protocols.

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