77 Series IP PA System for Temple


System Diagram

2T-7700RPIP Network PA System Software1
3T-7702AIP Network Paging MIC (With 7inch Touch Screen)2
4T-7770IP network audio collector terminal1
5T-6222AM/FM Tuner, 1U height1
6T-6221CD Player, USB & SD, 1U height1
7T-7723IP Network Fire Alarm Panel1
8T-7731Industrial Emergency Intercom Terminal1
9T-7703Weatherproof Emergency Intercom Panel (One Button)1
10T-7703EWeatherproof Emergency Call & Service Intercom Panel (Double Button)1
11T-7707IP Network Active Speaker1
12T-7705AEconomic wall mounted IP terminal (with 8 Ω amplifier)2
13T-7701IP Network Adaptor1
14T-1120DSSingle Channel Class-D Amplifier, 120W1
15T-205B5″+1.5″ Coaxial ceiling speaker, 0.75W-1.5W-3W-6W, 100V1
16T-774H4″+1.5″ Two way wall mount speaker, 2.5W-5W-10W-20W@100V+8ohm,1
17T-S7608POE Wall Amount speaker1
18T-S708POE Ceiling speaker1
19T-77120Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter with RMS 120W power amplifier1
20T-S7720POE Horn speaker1
21T-200BIndoor Pendant Speaker, 3.75W-7.5W-15W, 100V1
22T-720AOutdoor Paging Horn Speaker, 15W-30W, 100V1

System Features

1. Computers, smart phones, tablets and other terminals do not need to install any user programs, and log into the system through the browser

2. Mobile app playing and paging

3. Timing task, set the playing time, let the corresponding partition (or the whole area) start to play the set music songs

4. Any partition system can set up any number of groups (partitions) to play the specified programs,

5. Fire broadcast, short circuit signal trigger alarm music

6. Two way intercom, supporting two-way real-time intercom

IOS Client SideAndroid Client Side
Mobile PlayerIOS Client side functions: user management,terminal volume control, radio / intercom / playbackand other control functions.Mobile PlayerAndroid Client side functions: file playback, real-time broadcast, real- time recording, real-time intercom, playback functions, just like a mobile player. make broadcast so easy.

WEB Side

PC Client Side
Login URL to manage all devicesAdministrators can manage the server at any time through the web-side,including: status monitoring, terminal management, partition management, call configuration, alarm configuration, scheduled tasks, timing patrol, user management, recording management, data backup.Global control with PCFrom PC side , the user can configure : terminal management, volume management, session monitoring, playing task management, real-time broadcast, task monitoring, etc.

More details pls visit: #ippasystem

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