The system is catering for multi-zone paging and multi-sources selection.


Product List

(A) System ControllerT-8000
(B) Cascading ControllerT-8000
(C) Remote Paging MicrophoneT-8000A
(D) Remote Control PanelT-8000B
(E) CD MP3 Player with Radio TunerT-2221
(F) 4 Channel Power AmplifierT-4120DS


1) The system is catering for multi-zone paging and multi-sources selection;

2) It provides up to 8 music source input, 8 remote control panels, 2 remote paging consoles and 1 local microphone input, all of these input could be freely linked to different 32 output simultaneously;

3) 1 remote paging console and 3 another remote control panels are available when expansion control, multi-zone paging and multiple audio sources are needed;

4) The system could be expanded to 8×32 matrix systems via CAT 5 to do cascade;

5) Each input is with independent bass/treble control and volume control; total volume control and Monitor volume control are provided as well as;

6) 8 fire alarm receiving port is equipped to activate internal alert;

7) With 3 kinds of pre-recorded audio including alert, evacuation message and alarm;

8) EMC port is for external voice alarm message;

9) 4 hot keys are for playing BGM and do paging in the whole area;

10) 5 levels of priority from high to low: Mic 1, fire alarm, remote paging console, remote control panel and background music.

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