A tranquil resort nestled on a pristine beach in Cape Verde on the island’s west coast, amidst abundant greenery between lush tropical mountains. The tropical gardens are spread over 15 hectares and contain palm trees and colorful flowers attracting butterflies. nearby to shopping, dining and night life areas.

The client needs zoning public address and paging without mutual interference mainly. And the function of scheduled program is needed to avoid repeated artificial operation. Then, user could choose the program or music they want freely in his/her partition. What’s more, all audio sources have to be compressed and transferred based on IP network in Hi-Fi quality.

System Diagram


Product List

1T-7800ALinux Based IP Network PA & Intercom System Controller1
2T-7807IP Network Active Speaker (pair)1
3T-2221CD/MP3 Player with AM/FM Tuner, with USB/SD, 1U height1
4T-7802UIP Network Paging MIC (With 7inch Touch Screen)2
5T-1055″ Ceiling Speaker, 1.5W-3W-6W, 100V, cutout 175mm, metal grille & baffle226
6T-802Outdoor Speaker, 12.5W-25W, 100V50
7T-2065″+1.5″ Coaxial Ceiling speaker with ABS cover, 30W, 100V, cutout 210mm, ABS baffle & back cover, metal grille28
8T-775PW5″+1.5″ Two way wall mount speaker, 3.75W-7.5W-15W-30W@100V+8ohm, ABS body, metal grille, metal brackett, white6
9T-300AOutdoor Garden Speaker, 12.5W-25W, 100V, 6.5″, IP66, Organic Resin110
10T-300JOutdoor Garden Speaker, 15W-30W, 100V, 8″+2.5″, IP66, ABS, two way80
11T-7860Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter with RMS 60W power amplifier, LAN CAT5 cable system32
12T-78120Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter with RMS 120W power amplifier, LAN CAT5 cable system15
13T-78240Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter with RMS 240W power amplifier, LAN CAT5 cable system12
14T-78350Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter with RMS 350W power amplifier, LAN CAT5 cable system12
15T-78500Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter with RMS 500W power amplifier, LAN CAT5 cable system8
16T-671C3 Wired Volume Control 6W10
17T-672C3 Wired Volume Control 15W6
18T-673C3 Wired Volume Control 30W8
19T-674C3 Wired Volume Control 60W20
20T-675C3 Wired Volume Control 100W10


Zoning Public Address & Paging Allow Conveying Targeted Message or Program to Designated Partition

The holiday resort consists of multiple functional area, such as golf course, gambling house, hotel, etc. Administrator’s able to play appropriate program or music according to the characteristic of the partition, for example administrator could run gentle background music to the golf course or could run emotional background music to the gambling house. What’s more, the feature of zoning paging could avoid interference to other areas.

Auto. Scheduled Program Play to Avoid Repeated Manual Operation

For example, administrator wants to play program in the golf course over a certain time period but in late at night, the program would stop automatically. ITC™ IP Public Address System could fulfill this demand.

Audio Signal is Compressed and Transferred in IP Network so that the Transmission Distance is Unlimited and the Quality is Hi-Fi without Attenuation

The holiday resort is really large. Analog P.A. System is impossible to long distance transmission without even tiny attenuation. Therefore, the preferred solution for such large scale place is ITC™ IP Public Address System.

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