Bank of Agriculture and Commerce in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China

Multi-media Conference System

ITC in Huizhou rural commercial bank office building

Huizhou rural commercial bank recently has undertaken a large facility improvement, new paint, now Tables and chairs, and most importantly a whole new audio and video system.

The system integrator ,our client, come to us for a full solution of multi-media audiovisual system. The room is mostly use for holding large conference and events, like a anniversary, Spring Festival gala. Full size 35 x 18 Square meters, stage size: 65 square meters

The system need to have discussion, sound reinforcement and multimedia control to light sound and screen.  Also our client want to record the event in the Stage for future replay.

Look at result first:

The solution we provide:

Because the Conference table is on the stage, we design 8 wireless table conference mic  for speak in meeting, in this case we use TH-0590 system.

For sound reinforcement, on the stage we have 2 800W main speakers, TS-152, 2 600W 18 inch Subwoofer TS-818S, 2 Shuttle woofer TS-112 this is mostly for the events

and Unit 3 professional Speaker install at each size of the wall as main speaker, two at the back as supplemental speaker, in this case TS-810

For multimedia control system we use our Central controller TS-9100D, it responsible for controlling all the lights on/off, audio and AV matrix.

For video tracking and recording we use 2 HD camera and a recording host. This is responsible for the video tracking project the people making the speech to a screen and video tapping the stage events.

Full products list:

Desktop plugTS-18A1
UHF wireless conference system
Conference hostTH-0590M1
Chairman unitTH-05911
Delegate unitTH-0591A8
Battery ChargerTH-05951
Conference Audio ProcessorTS-2341
Sound Reinforcement System
800W Main SpeakerTS-1522
Stereo Power AmplifierD-10001
Entertainment LoudspeakerTS-8106
600W 2 channel AmplifierTA-H123
Professional SpeakerTS-1122
Stereo Power AmplifierTA-H101
18 inch SubwooferTS-818S2
UHF wireless MicT-521UH2
UHF wireless MicT-521US2
16 Channel Audio MixerTS-16P-41
8 in 8 out Audio MatrixTS-P8801
31 Bands Graphic EqualizerTS-2311
Power SequencerTS-8203
Speaker HolderTS-01B6
Video Tracking and record system
HD CameraTV-620HC2
Recording hostTS-0600B1
Central control system
Central controllerTS-9100D1
8 Channel Power Control BoxTS-91012
HD Mixed Insertion MatrixTS-9216H1

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