Zhongguancun (Pinggu) SME service center is a demonstration platform to serve small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing, solving the pain points and difficulties of enterprises, helping enterprises to build and manage better, and driving regional economic and social development.


To improve the work efficiency of the enterprise service center, itc provides intelligent services for its large conference rooms, round-table conference rooms, and open multi-function halls with scientific functional partitions and reasonable streamline design.

Large conference room

itc intelligent systems for enterprise service center realize resource integration, and business aggregation.

itc LED display screen is clear and smooth, with uniform color, low power consumption and energy saving. Considering the insufficient bearing capacity of the conference room wall, the LED display adopts upright installation. In the application, it can display high-definition audiovisual signals such as text, pictures, animations, and videos.


itc conference recording system can record all-round high-definition images of meeting process, and automatically store documents in real time after the meeting, eliminating the cumbersome process and facilitating the processing of meeting materials.


itc digital conference system adopts full-digital network transmission to achieve perfect sound quality; Cooperated with professional audio processor, it ensures long-distance transmission of conference information.

Round-table meeting room

Pinggu SME Service Center set up a round table meeting room for daily discussion, helping enterprises to explore new directions for industrial cooperation.


itc paperless conference system provides whole-process services before, during and after the meeting, displays conference information collaboratively, and rapidly improves the execution efficiency.


itc central control and matrix system has the advantages of convenience, security, and integration. You can switch all the equipment in the meeting room with one key through the tablet or the wall-mounted touch panel, so as to realize interactive collaboration in multiple office scenarios and ensure orderly and stable meetings.

Multi-function hall

Pinggu SME service center also builds multi-function halls, booths and other exhibition areas, showing the technological image.


Exhibition areas are equipped with different professional speakers according to the space structure to achieve clear sound reinforcement and high fidelity, meeting the needs of the sound pressure level.

itc will continue to strengthen cooperation with the enterprise service center, and jointly provide better services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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