City Brain is a background system built for urban traffic management, environmental protection, urban fine management, regional economic management and other scenes through advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of Things to connect different platforms, quickly and effectively promoting urban digital management.


The Chenzhou City Brain covers 11 counties and districts, involving command center, government cloud platform, exchange and sharing platform, and city brain central platform.

itc intelligent system empowers Chenzhou City Brain to realize scientific, precise, and real-time management.

01 Command Hall

The command hall, which covers an area of 3000 square meters, is divided into LED display area, operation area, command area, and participant area, which can realize comprehensive monitoring, emergency linkage, integrated decision-making, information service and other functions.


As an information device for daily meetings and video conferences, itc integrated flat panel features 4K UHD display, professional audio performance, simple deployment, and easy operation. The video conference system can provide multi-dimensional, intelligent and accurate remote conference services with smooth video images and delicate sound ,quickly linking with relevant departments.


itc electronic nameplate can quickly change the display information, with flexible application and convenient operation.

02 Conference Room

In order to promote the innovative management model of Chenzhou city brain, itc adopts paperless conference system, professional sound system, and conference system to create an efficient meeting room.


itc paperless conference system integrates audio, video, documents, and control into the display terminal to support screen sharing; at the same time, cooperate with professional sound system and conference system to realize clear communication and quick reception of instructions.

After the completion of construction, Chenzhou City Brain has completed the video systems of 25 units, 60 business systems, and 110 million pieces of information sharing.


In the future, itc will empower more city brains, and innovate smart city governance models!

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