VA-6ZRM Voice Evacuation Microphone

Jaminan Garansi

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itc New Product VA-6ZRM with Voice Evacuation Microphone


* Support 40 zones, 6 group button paging.

* Support zone configuration to any grouping.

* Support consecutive paging for any controller of 1 ~ 6 zones.

* Support line input / microphone output. And output volume is adjustable.

* Remote microphone paging priority can be configured.

* Display the zone status of the associated controller in real time.

* upport 24 DC power supply, POE power supply.

* The system supports up to 28 remote microphones.

Performance index

Analog audio

MIC microphone input
Sensitivity 10MV±1mV
Frequency response 200Hz~10kHz
Input impedance ≥1kΩ
LINE unbalanced line audio input
Sensitivity 775MV±50mV
Frequency response 80Hz~16kHz
Impedance ≥10kΩ


Balanced line output

lAmplitude 1000MV±50mV
lDistortion <0.3%, 1 kHz
lFrequency response 200Hz~10kHz
lOutput impedance 470Ω
lSNR >60dB



CAN interface
lRemote MIC console CAN interface
lBaud rate 100Kbps
lSupport up to 32 remote MIC consoles


Mechanical indicators

Size (L × W × H) 197 * 115 * 44 mm
Net weight About 1.2KG
Installation Desktop or 19-inch cabinet
Color Black


Environmental requirements

l Operating temperature +5°C ~ +40°C
l Storage temperature -20 ° C ~ +70 ° C
l Relative temperature <95%