VA-6200MS EVAC Extension Controller

Jaminan Garansi

  • Check Mark 3 Tahun Speaker System
  • Check Mark 2 Tahun Conference System
  • Check Mark 1 Tahun LED Display System


* Built-in 500W amplifier, with 8 zones and A+B independent dual speaker loop output, each zone has independent LED indicator light, output control button and volume adjustment.

* Audio processing with 6 general audio inputs,  it can connect with external microphone, CD player, tuner and etc, it can play any audio source in any zone.

* Connecting with one backup amplifier, when built-in amplifier damaged, it will switch to backup amplifier automatically.

* Automatically monitor every zone speaker loop status in real-time

* There are 8 channels trigger input/output ports, which can trigger the pre-edited voice message to the specified zones or (trigger) the relative external power supply to realize timely warning for the relative incident.

* Extension port can connect controller and next extension device.


Model VA-6200MS
Rated Power Output 500W
Output Voltage 100V
MIC1-2 Input Distortion <1% (output rating), 1KHz
MIC1-2 Input Frequency Response 80Hz~20KHz
MIC1-2 Input Sensitivity 5mV/6/600Ω
MIC1-2 Input SNR >65dB
AUX3-6 Input Distortion <1% (output rating), 1KHz
AUX3-6 Input Frequency Response 80Hz~20KHz
AUX3-6 Input Sensitivity 350mV/10kΩ
AUX3-6 Input SNR >70dB
Spare Amplifier Input 100V
Spare Amplifier Audio Signal Output 1V
Alarm Input 8
Alarm Output 8
Zone Input 8
24V Relay Output 8
Short Circuit mode No voltage short circuit
Type of cooling air-cooled
Guard mode delay/overheat/ short circuit/ overload
Output Volume Control 6
Supply Voltage ~ 220V-240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum Current 3A
Fuse Size 250V/5A, slow type
Spare Voltage 24V DC, ±20%
Maximum Current 30A
Maximum Power Consumption 600W
Dimensions (L x W x D) 484 x 88 x 353mm
Weight 10.5kg

Back Panel


①   Power switch

②   AC power outlet

③   DC 24V input interface

④   Fire alarm trigger output node

⑤   Fire alarm trigger input node

⑥   3 wire power amplifier 100V output

⑦   485 Online interface

⑧   DC 24V output

⑨   Unplug code switch from computer address

⑩   Backup power amplifier 100V input

⑪   Backup power amplifier signal output


1) System fault output, When something goes wrong, This port will be closed

2) Fire alarm output, When the fire alarm is triggered, This port will be closed

3) Emergency reset input, Short circuit interface, Fire alarm will be reset

⑬   Impedance correction button

⑭   6 way background music input