TV-W165-YZA Indoor Full Color LED Video Wall

Jaminan Garansi

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With highly integration and in-depth development, it has its own operating system and built-in applications; it has the characteristics of seamless splicing, perfect display, long service lifespan, fast frame changing speed, high refresh rate, good uniformity, wide viewing angle, high grayscale, natural color reproduction, etc. It is widely used in lecture theatre, academic lecture halls, conference rooms in colleges and universities, and various display occasions.


* Seamless splicing, and no visual black seam on the screen.

* The display module is flexible and compact, and supports smooth splicing.

* DC low-voltage power supply, natural heat dissipation, no fan, and zero noise.

* When a failure occurs, it only needs to maintain a single LED pixel or a single module, realizing low maintenance cost and fast maintenance speed.

* Support picture correction, adopt gamma correction technology, achieve point-by-point brightness and color correction.

* With ultra-wide viewing angle, the screen has a larger viewing range, and the picture is still clear when viewed from any angle.

* Support ultra-high refresh speed, good screen continuity and high screen fluency.

* Adopt ultra-thin screen and ultra-narrow frame.

* Adopt Android system, support operating WPS office software, clock, welcome interface, calendar and other downloaded applications.

* Support one-key power on/off, low power consumption, and sleep function, with 2S startup after sleep wake-up.

* Support dual WIFI function, support Wifi, Ap hotspot access and third-party equipment connection simultaneously, support different frequency band networks, multi-screen interaction and no interference with main screen networking.

* Support 4 scene modes: standard, soft, cinema, and video. Support custom parameters such as brightness, saturation, and contrast.

* Support Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android multi-platform terminal 4-screen wireless projection. Windows system requires a wireless projection device.

* Support wireless counter control function of Android tablet/mobile phone, the counter-control device and the display screen are displayed synchronously and interactively, providing more vivid and simple writing interaction of reports, presentation, discussions and other scenes.

* Three optional installation methods: wall mounted, floor stand and hoisting.


Display size 165 inch
LED encapsulation SMD1515 black light
Pixel pitch 1.906mm
Resolution 275295 pixels/m²
Lamp bead/IC Quality copper wire/high fresh rate
Pixel configuration 1R1G1B
Module resolution 80*180
Module size (mm) 152.5*343
Cabinet resolution 320*180
Cabinet size (mm) 610*343
Cabinet weight ≤5.3Kg/pc
Working voltage DC+4.2V
Best viewing distance ≥5.7m
Horizontal viewing angle ≥175°
Vertical viewing angle ≥175°
Maintenance method Front maintenance
Drive device Constant current drive
Refresh rate ≥3840Hz
Frame rate ≥60Hz
Scanning method 45S
Brightness 200-800CD/m² (adjustable)
Grayscale 12/14/16bit
Contrast ≥10000:1
Attenuation rate (after 3-year work) ≤15%
Brightness adjustment method Auto/Manual: 0~100%
MTBF ≥20000H
Lifespan ≥100000H
Failed rate ≤1/100000 and no continuous failed pixels
Storage temperature -35℃~+85℃
Working temperature -20℃~+60℃
Working voltage (AC) AC90-270V 50Hz/60Hz
Average power consumption ≤1167W
Maximum power consumption ≤3500W
Cabinet material Die-cast aluminum cabinet
Brightness uniformity ≥99%
Protection class IP5X