TV-OH300-JX Outdoor Full Color LED Video Wall

Jaminan Garansi

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Outdoor LED video wall, the new favorite of the future outdoor advertising media, is widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mining enterprises, transportation, education, stations, wharves, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, stock markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprises and other public places. It supports media display, information release, traffic guidance, creative display, etc.


* High brightness: the general brightness of 5000cd, and the maximum brightness of more than 10000cd. It is clearly visible even under strong light, and the display effect is good.

* As an advertising media, it supports various advertising forms, which is far more ornamental, flexible and attractive than traditional advertising.

* The advertising can be updated quickly. The administrator can change the advertising at any time accordingly, which is simple to operate.

* With good waterproof performance, strong anti-ultraviolet capability and protection level of IP65 or above, it can work normally in bad weather.

* LED lamp beads, the luminescent device, are made from non-toxic materials. Unlike fluorescent lamps with polluted mercury, LED is environment-friendly and recyclable.

* The video wall can not only save energy and protect environment, but also work normally in any bad outdoor environments and all-weather conditions. It is anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning-proof, shock-proof and so on.

* Low power consumption. Generally speaking, the working voltage of LED is 2-4.2V. The working current is 0.02-0.03A. Namely, it consumes no more than 0.1W of power.

* Long lifespan. Under proper current and voltage, the general lifespan of LED is up to 100,000 hours. While taking the environmental factors into account, the lifespan of the video wall can still reach around 60,000 hours.

* Seamless splicing and high refresh rate. Compared with splicing LCD, outdoor LED video wall achieves seamless splicing and more beautiful display effects; it enables a higher refresh rate and more astonishing visual effects as a whole!


Model K3.0
LED encapsulation SMD1921
Pixel pitch 3mm
Resolution 111111 pixels/m²
Lamp bead/IC NATIONSTAR/High Refresh rate
Pixel composition 1R1G1B
Module resolution 64*64
Module dimension (mm) 192*192
Cabinet resolution 256*256
Cabinet dimension (mm) 768*768
Cabinet weight ≤30kg/m²
Operating voltage DC+3.8V~+5V
Best view distance ≥9m
Horizontal view angle ≥170°
Vertical view angle ≥170°
Maintenance method Rear maintenance
Graphics card DVI/HDMI/DP
Video signal Compatible with PAL/NTSC/SECAM format, support S-Video; VGA; RGB; Composite Video; SDI; DVI; RF; RGBHV; YUV; YC, etc.
Control method Synchronous control
Drive device Constant current drive
Refresh rate ≥3840Hz
Frame rate ≥60Hz
Scanning method 16S
Brightness ≥5500CD/m² (adjustable)
Grayscale 281 trillion
Contrast ≥10000:1
Attenuation rate (after 3-year work) ≤15%
Brightness adjustment method Software 0 to 255 stepless adjustment
Computer operating system WIN98/2000/WIN XP/WIN Vista/WIN7
MTBF ≥20000H
Lifespan ≥100000H
Failed rate ≤1/100000 and no continuous failed pixels
Software Professional LED display system programming software
Storage temperature -35℃~+85℃
Operating temperature -20℃~+50℃
Operating humidity 10%~80% no condensation
Operating voltage (AC) 220V±10%/50Hz or 110V±10%/60Hz
Average power consumption ≤300W/m²
Maximum power consumption ≤1000W/m²
Cabinet specification Simple sheet metal cabinet
Brightness uniformity ≥99%
Protection class Front IP65