TV-C8010KW Electric Box

Jaminan Garansi

  • Check Mark 3 Tahun Speaker System
  • Check Mark 2 Tahun Conference System
  • Check Mark 1 Tahun LED Display System


* Rated power: 10KW, output channel number: 3

* The input voltage of the electric box is AC 380V±15%, and the power frequency is 50Hz. It has protection functions such as overvoltage, surge, short circuit, overcurrent, overload and leakage protection.

* Built-in lightning arrester, with lightning protection.

* It contains multi-function card control, with remote control function.

* Support remote switch power box, remote communication, power monitoring, temperature monitoring, fire monitoring and other operations through LED screen smart control system software.


Model KZX
Manual control Start button / knob
Automatic control Control software, multi-function card, remote control
Power capacity (KVA) 10KW
Input wiring 3-phase 4-wire & ground wire
Input voltage 380V
Input frequency 50/60HZ
Output wiring Single-phase two-wire + ground wire, evenly connected to

the LED screen

Output voltage (V) AC 220V
Output shunt 3 channels, single phase AC 220V
Shunt switch capacity (A) 40A, single phase
Shunt circuit

breaker installation

Track installation
AC contactor model CJX2-3210
Lightning protection CHNT
IP rate IP44
Dimension(H×W×THK) 500mm*400mm*200mm
Weight 10Kg
Operating temperature -30℃~70℃