TS-FZ173T Motorized Paperless Interactive Monitor Flipper

Jaminan Garansi

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Motorized Paperless Interactive Monitor Flipper TS-FZ173T

Embedded software: paperless conference terminal client software V2.0


This is an electric flipper integrated with the computer display on the conference table. It is more practical for paperless conference. It focuses on LCD touch screen terminals and integrates high-definition video, unified communication, intelligent interactive multi-screen sharing, conference central control, audio and video acquisition, professional sound systems, and so on, providing the “people-oriented” conference experience. It can be controlled by panel buttons, RS232 command control, RS485 command control, and software control. Just press the up button on the panel, and the display that is flat with the desktop will automatically flip up 60 degrees and be at a certain angle with the desktop. When the display is not in use, you can press the down button to automatically lower it back to its original position and keep it flat with the desktop, and automatically cut off the power. With anti-theft and dust-proof designs, the machine is elegant and space-saving, and at the same time the convenient operations improve conference efficiency greatly.


* The machine adopts an all-aluminum structure, high-quality aluminum material and CNC engraving processing treatment; the overall display frame adopts aluminum alloy and CNC one-time molding, and the cabinet is also aluminum alloy, making the overall machine exquisite, light, beautiful.

* The surface of the machine is anodized and looks bright, it can adopt sand-blasting, wire-drawing and other treatments and also custom colors.

*Multi-point capacitive touch screen, tempered glass, certain resistance to pressure.

* With power protection function, the screen is powered on when turning up, and the screen is powered off when turning down.

* The HD screen is from a well-known Chinese brand; the level A display screen, with high resolution, bright and transparent colors. Resolution: 1920*1080P, aspect ratio: 16:9.

* The screen adopts front flipping design to prevent shaking when in use.

* The transmission part adopts customized components to keep the flipping operation smooth, without jitter, pause and other abnormal actions.

* Support HDMI and VGA two-channel signal input. When there is only one signal input, the screen will automatically recognize the signal. When two signals are input at the same time, it can be manually switched through the panel buttons. When no signal input, the screen will automatically enter power saving mode.

* This machine can be centrally controlled by the central control software, and can be controlled by the remote control or the controller. One key can make all the machines in the room go up or down.


Model TS-FZ173T
Touch screen Touch control
Elevation angle 0-60°
Chamfer angle 4*R=10MM
Screen size 17.3″
Screen ratio 16:9
Screen resolution 1920*1080
Video interface VGA, HDMI
Video switch VGA, HDMI (switch manually)
Contrast 800:1
Brightness 300cd/㎡
Viewing angle 89/89/89/89(Typ.)
Display thickness 7.6mm
Signal system EDP
Power supply AC 220V 50-60/HZ
Product size 472*312*130
Panel size 465*309.5*5mm
Cabinet size 460*298.5*125mm
Desktop opening size 461*299.5mm (1mm larger than the actual object,

it is recommended to open hole according to the

actual product)

Panel sinking size 473*313*5mm
Environment conditions -20℃~50℃; humidity≤70%
Total weight 9.1Kg