TS-FE215MT3 Motorized Paperless Dual-screen Interactive Monitor Lift with Microphone

Jaminan Garansi

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The paperless lift adopts smart control technology, smart terminals and a LCD touch screen terminal, integrating HD video, unified communication, smart multi-screen interactive sharing, smart conference central control, audiovisual collection and sound system, bringing a smart conference experience.


* Adopt an integrated lifting design of the ultra-thin HD touch screen and the microphone, no exposed connection wires, no connection backplane, and no exposed screws.

* Adopt a dual-screen design, 21.5-inch HD LCD front screen, 11.6-inch vice screen, and paperless conference terminal, display the required pictures and participant names, perfectly fulfill the powerful interactive paperless conference function.

* The integrated lifting design with microphone supports automatic straightening function; when the microphone pole is bent, it will be automatically straightened when being lowered to avoid damage to the microphone pole.

* The screen and the microphone have a separate lifting system, and the two can be lifted and lowered separately as needed.

* Adopt an all-aluminum structure, high-quality aluminum material plus CNC fine carving processing; the screen frame and cabinet are made of aluminum alloy, making the device as a whole delicate and beautiful.

* Adopt anodized treatment, making the surface brighter.

* The device panel is only 3mm thick and 77mm wide, taking up little space. Its weight is only one third of the conventional lifts, reducing transportation costs and putting less pressure on the meeting table.

* The transmission structure is specially treated to minimize noise; the transmission mode consists of high-quality pull-resistant belts, high-precision slider guides and linear bearings, while using AC geared motors as driving power; the central control protocol has strong compatibility and is compatible with all controllers. After the device is lifted, the screen will automatically power on; after being lowered, the screen will automatically power off.

* The 21.5-inch ultra-thin LCD touch screen, a resolution of 1920*1080P, and an 11.6-inch vice screen, clear and bright display effect; the adjustable backlight design can prevent eyestrain caused by too bright or too dark screen.

* Support HDMI and VGA signal input. When only one signal is input, the screen will automatically identify the signal; when two signals are input simultaneously, they can be manually switched through the panel buttons; when no signal input, the screen will automatically enter the power saving mode.

* Support central control of the device through the central control software, and also through the remote or the host computer, support lifting or lowering all the devices in the room with one key.


Model TS-FE215MT3
Touch screen Support
Lifting time 36s
Elevation angle 0-30°, fully ergonomic, without blocking sight and face
Product size 700*77*720mm
Panel size 700*77*3mm
Cabinet size 685*66*717mm
Desktop opening size 687*68 (recommended to open hole according to the actual product )
Panel sinking size 701*78*3 (L*W*T) (recommended to open hole according to the actual product)
Environmental conditions -20℃~50℃, relative humidity≤70%
Screen size 21.5″
Screen ratio 16:9
Screen resolution 1920*1080
Video interface 1 VGA, 1 HDMI
Control interface 1 set of 232/485 input and output interfaces; control the screen lifting and lowering, support hand-in-hand connection; 1 USB port for power on/off, 1 USB port for data transmission
Microphone interface 2 sets of six-pin aviation ports, realize the hand-in-hand connection of multiple units
Microphone pole 409mm
Backlight type WLED, 15K hours, with LED driver
Contrast 1000:1 (Typ.) (Transmission)
Brightness 250 (Min.)
Viewing angle 85/85/80/80 (Typ.) (CR≥10)
Signal system LVDS
Total weight Net weight 19.5KG; Gross weight 22.4KG
Vice screen
Screen size 11.6 inches
Touch control Do not support
Resolution 1366(RGB)×768 [WXGA]
Contrast 800:1
Brightness 250 (Typ.)
Working environment Working temperature: 0~50℃

Storage temperature: -20~60℃

Working frequency 60Hz
Viewing angle 89/89/89/89 (Typ.) (CR≥10)
Screen type IPS
Voltage 3.3V
Display size 256.125 × 144mm (H×V)
Signal system eDP (1 Lane), terminal, 30 pins
Microphone type Cardioid pattern electret microphone
Frequency response 80Hz-16KHz
Input impedance 1KΩ
Sensitivity -46dBV/Pa
Max SPL 125dB (A)
SNR >80dB
THD <0.1%
Power consumption 3W