TS-9100NW Network Controller

Jaminan Garansi

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It is a network equipment management platform that integrates prompt configuration, data analysis, central control management, task management, equipment management, permission management, system management and other functions. It is a more humanized and intelligent large-scale cloud management platform to control equipment at any place, any place.


* It adopts the B/S architecture. The equipment of the platform adopts TCP/IP communication. The terminal points can be expanded indefinitely and can be distributed in any network, which can be interconnected without separate wiring.

* Centralized management of central control equipment, real-time display of equipment status in each zone.

* Check the occupancy, disabling, and online status of the central control in each area in real time, and initiate task reservation for the online central control.

* Centralized control of the peripheral equipment. Support equipment failure report.

* Support the classified management of peripheral equipment and the management of central control area.

* Data analysis management: you can view the online and offline number of central control equipment according to time, and can view the usage trend of one week/month/year and the summary data of task reservation on the day.

* User permission management: you can add roles, accounts, and permissions.

* Event reminder: after information event setting, the platform will automatically send it to the relevant person in charge.


Model TS-9100NW
CPU Xeon E3-1230v5 (4 cores, 3.4GHz)
Hard disk 2TB Seagate Enterprise Hard Drive
Network card 4 Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports, support port aggregation; 1 remote port
Disk array Support RAID 0,1,5,10
Video output 1 VGA port
Operating system Pre-installed Linux Debian 8 64-bit
Other 1 serial port, 6 USB ports (4 USB ports on the rear, 2 USB ports on the front)
Cabinet 1U rack mount
Dimension 660×430×43.5 (mm)
Operating environment Ambient temperature: 5℃~40℃; relative humidity: ≤75%