TS-610P/ TS-612P/ TS-615P Active Professional Speaker

Jaminan Garansi

  • Check Mark 3 Tahun Speaker System
  • Check Mark 2 Tahun Conference System
  • Check Mark 1 Tahun LED Display System


It works with the audio processor to form a set of high-end entertainment and conference professional sound system with outstanding vocal performance. It is suitable for various high-end conference rooms and multi-function halls as the main speaker or auxiliary speaker.


* Adopt a mid-woofer and an annular polyethylene diaphragm compressed tweeter.

* 15mm birch housing, light weight, wear-resistant spray paint treatment, and dust-proof net cotton inside.

* The frequency divider in precise design is used to optimize the vocal MF performance.

* The entire series is equipped with efficient high-power amplifier modules and powerful DSP audio processor. Through different applications of the system, it supports comprehensive parameter settings, including 6 parameter equalization, frequency division, delay, and limit.

* Multiple screw hoisting holes, a pole socket with a diameter of 35mm, various installation methods.


Model TS-610P TS-612P TS-615P
Frequency response 55Hz-20KHz 50Hz-20KHz 45Hz-20KHz
Rated power 300W 350W 450W
Peak power 1000W 1400W 1800W
Sensitivity 98dB/W/M 99dB/W/M 100dB/W/M
Max SPL(rated/peak) 123dB/128dB 124dB/130dB 127dB/133dB
Coverage angle (H)80° (V)60° (H)80° (V)60° (H)80° (V)60°
Tweeter 1.4″ compressed tweeter ×1 1.7″ compressed tweeter ×1 1.73″ compressed tweeter ×1
Woofer 10″ woofer ×1 12″ woofer ×1 15″ woofer ×1
Line input sensitivity 0dB 0dB 0dB
Size (H×W×D) 510×325×300mm 560×360×380mm 660×435×430mm
Weight 18.5Kg 21.8Kg 28.8Kg
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz AC 220V 50Hz AC 220V 50Hz
Power consumption 240W 280W 360W