TS-231 Equalizer

Jaminan Garansi

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* The professional 31-band stereo graphic equalizer is suitable for studio recording and live performances.

* Frequency of mono sub-woofer output can be adjusted.

* The switchable high-cut filter and low-cut filter of each channel can eliminate annoying noise, such as local noise and tape hiss.

* The input and output level displays which consist of 12 LED diodes are very accurate. And the input port supports gain control, which is convenient for users to control level appropriately.

* Operable amplifier with very low noise makes the timbre beautiful.

* Equipped with servo balanced input and output ports of gilded XLR interface and stereo 6.3mm socket.

* Shielded circular iron core power transformer can minimize the noise.

* With high quality components and strong structure.


Model TS-231
Channel 2
Optional frequency (2×31)  1/3-Octave interval (25Hz~20 KHz)
Type Constant – Q
Fader travel 20mm (grounded center)
Range ±12dB
Input Balanced / unbalanced
Port XLR and TRS
Impedance >20KΩ balanced
Maximum level +21dB
Output Balanced / unbalanced
Interface XLR and TRS
Impedance 400Ω balanced 200Ω unbalanced
Maximum level +21dBu balanced +15dBu unbalanced
+19 dBu balanced  +13dBu unbalanced
Low cut filter 10-250Hz, 12 dB/ octave
High cut filter 3K-40KHz, 12 dB/ octave
Frequency Response 20-20KHz (±0.5dB)     10-40KHz(+0/-3dB)
THD + Noise 0.008%
SNR 96dB
Maximum power 12W
Power voltage AC220V-240V , 50/60Hz
Size 484x156x88mm
Weight 3.5Kg