TS-0680 Conference Recording and Broadcasting Server

Jaminan Garansi

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TS-0680 is a HD recording and broadcasting server, which supports the recording, live broadcasting, on-demand functions for video conference system and recording system via network. It is applied to government enterprise conference, education, medical industry, financial industry and etc.


* Hardware architecture, Linux system, safe and reliable, support 7X24 hours ongoing stable operation.

* It adopts B/S framework, supports using Web to control the server via PC, Pad, Android and IOS mobile terminal. It also supports different platforms to watch live and on demand video through Web.

* It is equipped with two Gigabit network interfaces to reduce network loading pressure.

* Support one channel HDMI interface and one channel DP video output interface.

* Support RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, HLS, TCP, RTP and H.323 protocol to transmit the digital signal of audio and video code stream.

* Support standard video protocols like H.264MP, H.264, H.264HP, and etc.

* Support standard audio protocols like G.711, G.728, G.722, G.719, AAC, and etc.

* It is capable of CIF, 4CIF, 720P and 1080P video recording and processing, support 1080P60 video recording.

* Support 44.1khz,48KHZ,96KHz audio recording and processing.

* Support adding more than 50 channels device and simultaneously recording, live broadcasting and management.

* It supports recording for 50 channel conference terminals or MCU in 1080P60 format, creating independent file, group-managing the files and sorting out the storage.

* It supports functions of on-line broadcasting and spot broadcasting, supporting more than 1000 on-line broadcasting and without limitation for video on demand.

* It supports user group-management, live broadcasting permission setup and unified management of the recording operation.

* It supports pre-set, namely, users can pre-set the recording time and the server can automatically start recording according the pre-setting time.

* The server built-with 2T hard disk, which can store more than 2000 hours video file and supports hard drive capacity extension.

* It supports the third-party FTP server. The recorded files can be pushed to FTP file server automatically via network idle bandwidth, not preempt the bandwidth loading.

* It supports on-demand management for recorded video. That means the video files on-demand are all selectable .all the unreleased video will be stored in backstage.

* User can fast download video file on line through the webpage without installing any software.

* It can count up the number of people on-line watching and the number of video on-demand.

* It can manage the video file, supporting file renamed, file fuzzy query, file deleted, file ranking based on recording time and size.