TS-0604 Series TS-0627/ TS-0627A Digital Chairman/Delegate Unit (Discussion, Voting & IC Card)

Jaminan Garansi

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* Unique patented technology, specially designed anti-RF radio frequency interference hose, completely eliminate the noise. Present a perfect high-level meeting environment.

* Unique patented design, Fully embodies the designer to grasp the vision of the world aesthetics.

* Unique microphone head design, So that even if the speaker does not have the cotton cover, but also completely eliminate the “pupu” low-frequency impact.

* Professional cardioid condenser microphone core, Very high sensitivity and voice clarity; And with a ring of red & green indicator light when speaking.

* When the red ring light is on, it means somebody is speaking; when green is on, it means apply for awaiting speak.

* With the function of suppressing howling, when the microphone is turned on, the built-in speaker will automatically turn off.

* With function of IC card to sign in.

* Built-in speaker, headset jack, which can adjust the headset volume.

* Use the professional 8 core aviation plug by cascading units, and with the metal fixed nut to avoid loosing and falling .

* The unit comes with a 1.8-meter cable, and the cable adopts full-line aluminum foil + waterline shielding, which greatly reduce the interference of strong electromagnetic waves on the wire, so as to avoid “zizi” noise.

* The unit has no power supply, which is powered by the system controller, input voltage is 24V; belongs to the safe scope.

* Chairman unit has no limited by speakers quantity.

* The Chairman unit has priority function to control conference order, can approve or reject the speaking application from delegate unit.

* The connection position of the chairman unit is not limited, and it can be connected in series at any position on the line.”Hand in hand” cable serial mode for easy installation and maintenance.

* There are 5 multi-functional buttons for voting, election and meeting evaluation. It adopts silica gel button, very comfortable to touch.

* The button indicator has prompt function of real-time voting status. The speaking unit can apply or cancel speaking.

* It adopts full-view OLED screen with thin thickness and low power consumption.

* The display can show the operation of the vote, voting mode, sign-in mode.

* Chinese and English interface can be switched, with function of sending message, very convenient to notify participants.

Note : The unit has an IC card, which requires a card writer.


Model TS-0627 TS-0627A
Microphone Type Heart-shaped directional electret
Frequency Response 80Hz~16KHz
MIC Input Impedance 1KΩ
Sensitivity -34±2dB(0dB=1V/Pa,at 1kHz)
MAX SPL 125dB(THD>3%)
SNR >80dB
Crosstalk >70dB
Dynamic Range >80dB
THD <0.1%
MAX Power Consumption 3W
Headphone Load 8-32Ω
Headphone Volume MAX 40mW
Headphone Interface 3.5mm mono jack
Standard IEC60914
Connector With 6-PIN aviation cable of 1.8M
Hand By Hand Expansion Port NO
Power Supply Type DC24V power supply from main controller
Color Silver gray
Voting Function 5 key voting, 3 key voting
Sign in Function key to sign in, IC card to sign in
IC Card Equipped with IC card (requires card writer TS-02RD)
Display Screen OLED all sight low power consumption
Weight 0.8kg
Microphone Height 409mm
Dimension(mm) 161(L)×141(W)×40(H)
Mounting Method Tabletop