TS-0309D/ TS-0309DA Conference Chairman Unit Delegate Unit

Jaminan Garansi

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* The capacitive touch buttons can effectively eliminate the button tapping noise and ensure a good venue environment.

* Uncompressed audio transmission technology, 48K sampling rate, 80Hz-16kHz bandwidth perfect sound quality.

* Adopt 100M network transmission, adopt network cable hand-in-hand connection, convenient for wiring.

* Adopt standard TCP/IP communication protocol, support ping packet function.

* Adopt a 3.5-inch full color touch screen.

* Support 63+1 simultaneous interpretation channels, support dual-channel listening function, listen to different interpreter channels at the same time.

* Support PC software microphone control and voice control function.

* The chairman unit has the priority to turn off the speaking delegate unit.

* With a built-in independent web server, support four language switching, support adjustment of microphone ID number, microphone sensitivity, microphone EQ and other parameters.

* Support the function of speech timekeeping and speech countdown.

* Support feedback suppression function and voice control function, and the voice control sensitivity is adjustable

* Support 5-band EQ adjustment function, adjust sound effects according to the voice characteristics of different speakers until the perfect effect is achieved.

* Support the sign-in function, stop unit sign-in and control unit sign-in through the PC software.

* Support the voting function, there are multiple voting modes, and the content of the options can be customized and sent to the unit for display.

* Support web page firmware upgrade function.

* Support the IP address sniffing function; the ID number, IP address, MAC address and other parameters of the unknown unit can be found through the PC tool.

* In the host configuration page of the PC software, you can set whether to display the clock. When no, the clock will be hidden.


Model TS-0309D/TS-0309DA
Microphone type Electret condenser microphone
Microphone directivity Cardioid
Frequency response 80Hz~16kHz
Microphone input impedance 1KΩ
Sensitivity -40±1dB (0dB=1V/Pa,at 1KHz)
Maximum SPL 120dB(THD>3%)
SNR >80dB(A)
Crosstalk >70dB
Dynamic range >80dB
THD <0.3%
Maximum power consumption 3.5W
Power supply Conference server power supply
Color Fine sand graphite grey
method button to sign in
Dimension 145.7*133.6*45(mm) (L*W*H)(without Microphone pole)
Microphone pole 240mm
Installation method Desktop
Weight 1kg