TR-0723 Three botton control Panel

Jaminan Garansi

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* Communication protocol: application layer adopts AllGo, and the bottom layer adopts Rime

* Two-way communication: the parameters are settable, compatible with the smaret controllers of several manufacturers.

* Working frequency band: 315M/433MHz and can be customized to other frequency bands such as 868MHz

* Adjusting method: GSK/FSK

* Transmitting power: 10dbm

* Number of channels: 256

* Receive sensitivity: -110dbm

* Scene function: you can set up to 32 scenes

* Reporting function: press the button to report the status to the host

* Multi-control function: remote control can directly control the switch. A total of 60 pairs of code commands can be stored.

* Mutual control function: Any button of the switch can be used as a remote control button, and mutual control can be realized between the switches.

* Wiring method: Single wire system, single fire wire


Model TR-0723
Number of buttons 3
Housing material High flame retardant PC material
Stand-by current In the RF receiving state, it is less than 20uA/AC220V,the standby power is 0.005W.
Minimum load 3W
Maximum load Total power 1500W, single channel 500W
Dimensions 86mm*86mm*33mm
Operating temperature -30℃~70℃
Working humidity <90%
Executive standard IEC 60669-2-1