TL-LH6125 TL-LH6126 TL-LH6127 LED Underground Light

Jaminan Garansi

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LED underground light is widely used for outdoor lighting in squares, parks, leisure places, etc. It is also used for night lighting in park gardens, lawns, courtyards, flower beds, pedestrian streets, waterfalls, fountains and so on.


* Reasonable heat dissipation design enables the heat of the LED to be quickly conducted through the light structure and ensures its luminous efficiency and service lifespan;

* The flat glass and stainless steel surface cover are perfectly seamless to avoid dust deposits;

* The low-gradient surface cover allows pedestrians to walk without obstacles and prevents them from falling;

* Aviation aluminum extrusion fixture, surface electrostatic spraying treatment, wire-drawing stainless steel surface cover, and die-casting aluminum rear cover;

* Ultra-white tempered glass, with seismic and impact protection grade of IK10, and strong load-bearing capacity.


Model TL-LH6125 TL-LH6126 TL-LH6127
Input voltage/power DC24V/3W DC24V/6W DC24V/12W
Number of LED lamp bead/ light source Philips/3PCS Philips/6PCS Philips/12PCS
Beam angle 15° (30, 45, 60° optional)
Color temperature RGB
Control method /
Installation method Embedded
IP level IP67
Fixture size (L×W×H) D100*106mm D130*96mm D180*122mm
Temperature -20~+50℃