TF-42252 Speaker Line Supervision

Jaminan Garansi

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This is a equipment for detecting linear impedance (power), linear open circuit and linear overload of horn.


* Standard cabinet design, 2U aluminum alloy panel; light touch buttons and humanized handle, beautiful and practical.

* Adopt 192×64 pixel matrix LCD display and working status indicator.

* Detection over speaker linear impedance(power), open circuit, and overloading.

* Timely detect speaker loop line. LCD real time display speaker line’s status and power.

* Speaker line detection will not interrupt with broadcast in timing mode.

* Each channel can detect the maximum speaker load of 10W-2000W, and the power of each channel can be set according to the actual situation.

* Adopt 10 shortcut keyboards to quickly switch the status of each channel.

* Suitable for 100V and 70V speaker circuit detection.

* 10 channels of input and output can realize 10 channels of audio sources or partitions, replacing the traditional partitioner.

* AC and DC 24V power supply operation.

* Pre-setting memory function even in case of power off.


Model TF-42252
Power Supply ~220V  50Hz
Power Consumption 20W
Dimension 484 x 303 x 88mm
Weight 5.36Kg