T-8000 8×8 Audio Matrix & Paging Controller

Jaminan Garansi

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* The matrix & paging controller is an 8 channel, which caters for multi-zone paging and multi-sources selection system. They are complete solution for multi-zone, multi-functional venues like entertainment places, large hotel, sports or gym centers, shopping mall and airport etc.

* The T-8000 offers direct connection up to 8 music source inputs, 8 remote control panels, 2 remote paging consoles and one microphone input, all of these inputs can be freely allocated into different 8 zone outputs simultaneously.

* One remote paging console and 3 different remote control panels are available when extension control, multi-zone paging and multi-sources routing are needed.

* The controller is also expandable to 32 zones via a simple link cable to cascade 4 units together into 8×32 matrix system.

* With digital LCD display of program/local input selection and monitor selection, and LED indication for monitor output level, microphone priority and busy.

* Each channel input is provided with individual mic, music, master volume control, each line and paging console input with gain control, microphone input with gain, bass and treble tone control. Monitor volume control as well as provided.

* Each channel output is provided with individual gain, bass and treble tone control, a gain control is also provided for each channel’s remote wall control.

* 8 zone voice alarm contact closure to activate built-in tone voice alarm.

* Alert, evacuation and alarm three kinds of pre-recorded chimes are provided with tone control.

* EMC and ground for external voice alarm generator input

* Both paging consoles and remote control panels connect via universal and industrial standard CAT 5 cable.

* 4 swift keys for direct all channel BGM and paging access.

* AC 110V or 240V input with voltage switch and DC 24V operation.

* 5 levels of priority from high to low are: microphone 1, fire alarm, remote paging console, remote control panel and background music.


Model T-8000
Line1-4 Input 195mV -2V/10KΩ
Line5-7 Input MIC: 5mV/600Ω, Line: 350mV3/10KΩ,
Phantom Power: +48V
Microphone 1 5mV-280mV/600Ω
Remote Paging Station 300mV-1.1V/10KΩ
Remote Control Panel 300mV-1.1V/10KΩ
Tone Control 100Hz-±10dB, 10KHz±10dB
Outputs 0.775V/600Ω
Frequency Response MIC: 80Hz~18KHz(+1/-3dB), line: 20Hz~20KHz (+1/-3dB)
EMC Input 775mV/10KΩ
Microphone S/N Ratio >65dB
Line S/N Ratio >85dB
Degree Of Separation >40dB
Crosstalk >65dB
THD <0.07%
Indicator Power, Mic1, paging busy & monitor output
Priority Mic1, voice alarm, local mic paging,
remote zone paging, line 1-8
Communication Speed 4800bps
Communication Port RJ45
Communication Protocol RS485
Power Consumption 20W
Power Supply ~110V-240V  50/60Hz & DC 24V
Dimensions 484 x 304 x 132mm
Weight 10.24Kg