T-7823 IP Fire Alarm Signal Matrix Receiver

Jaminan Garansi

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It is installed in the fire control room. It can receive the short circuit triggering signal of the fire protection system to realize the linkage emergency PA of the fire alarm.


* Standard 19-inch rack-mount design, 2U aluminum industrial panel.

* The Luna cloud-based server has high security and excellent stability, and supports 7 × 24 hours of continuous work.

* Rich network access methods, including DHCP automatic allocation access, ADSL smart dial-up access, fixed IP address access, etc.

* With 30-channel fire alarm short-circuit signal input interfaces, it supports unlimited extensions of input interfaces; it can realize short-circuit acquisition, alarm triggering, local media library music playback, sending messages and emails, etc.

* 30 short-circuit output interfaces can better realize real-time linkage with other related equipment.

* Support one key restoring the factory settings, which is convenient for system maintenance and management to the greatest extent.

* Support viewing equipment status and managing equipment information through the  system background WEB.

* Wide voltage power supply of mains + DC24V standby power supply with zero switching time provide the best energy supply for the 7×24 hours of continuous work of the terminal.

* Support the PA system remotely upgrading the terminal firmware, without the need to upgrade the terminal locally, reducing the work intensity of maintenance personnel.


Model T-7823
Network interface Standard RJ45 input
Transmission rate 100Mbps
Communication protocol TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(multicast), IETF SIP
Short-circuit input channel 30
Short-circuit output channel 30
Power consumption 25W
Standby power consumption <3W
Short-circuit input 0V/3.3V, support dry contact input
Short-circuit output Maximum 3A/30VDC dry contact output
Working temperature 5℃~40℃
Working humidity 20%~80% relative humidity, no condensation
Power supply ~190-240V 50-60Hz; DC24V/2A
Size 484×310×88mm
Weight 4.15Kg