T-7782P Outdoor Waterproof Column Speaker

Jaminan Garansi

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Integrated design of digital network decoding module and column speaker, aluminum alloy waterproof and rust-proof shell structure; can be installed in outdoor pillars in various broadcast management areas, suitable for program broadcasting and local broadcasting in outdoor places such as parks, squares, streets, tourist attractions and so on.


* Professional integrated structural design, good box sealing performance, fast conductive full copper nickel-plated grounding post. Meet the requirements of outdoor harsh environment use and safety, and meet IP54 protection level certification requirements.

* Built-in network digital audio decoding module supports IP / TCP, UDP, IGMP (multicast) and other communication protocols, and realizes the network transmission of 16-bit CD audio signals.

* Built-in digital power amplifier module, with exquisite sound quality and powerful power.

* Support server unified authorization operation management function, unified configuration management user and password function; support 100-level self-defined audio priority silence control function.

* Support LAN and WAN applications, compatible with any network architecture such as router, switch, bridge gateway, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, unicast, etc.

* Digital products, easy to expand capacity, not restricted by geographical location, no need to increase equipment room management equipment, adopt the design concept of common network free line construction, easy installation.

* Support automatic power-off protection when the on-site voltage is too high (254V±5%); when the voltage returns to normal, it can be automatically powered on again to increase the service life of the equipment.

* Support ungrounded wire for on-site equipment. When the terminal is ungrounded, it will automatically play prompt tone until it is normally grounded; it can prevent outdoor thunder and lightning, and the equipment may be damaged if it is not grounded.


Model T-7782P
Network Interface Standard RJ45 input
Support Protocol TCP/IP, UDP
Audio Format MP3
Sampling Rate 8K~48KHz
Transmission Rate 100Mbps
Audio Mode 16-bit CD sound quality
Rated Power 30W
Maximum Power 120W
THD ≤1%
Frequency Response 130Hz~16KHz  +1dB/-3dB
SNR ≥65dB
Protection Level IP54
Operating Temperature -20℃~60℃
Operating Humidity 20%~80% (relative humidity, no condensation)
Power Supply ~220V 50Hz
Power Consumption ≤50W
Speaker Unit 4”×2
Dimension (H×W×D) 574×150×145mm
Weight 5.8kg