T-7707A(POE)Wall Mount POE Speaker IP

Jaminan Garansi

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It is widely applicated to ordinary classrooms, office, meeting rooms, prisons, hospital departments, subway and other places that need to broadcast recorded voice files or background music.


* Professional integration wall mounted design, the speaker case subjects to sound resonance principle design concept, with delicated appearance.

* Adopted embedded computer and DSP audio processing technology

* Built 1 channel network hardware audio decoding module that supports TCP/IP, UDP protocol for network transmission 16 CD-quality stereo audio signal.

With 1 AUX input, independent volume potentiometer control

* Support 2.4G wireless audio module can be expanded to realize local amplification of the 2.4G wireless microphone.

* Support connecting with Bluetooth receiver to receive Bluetooth audio for local sound broadcasting.

* Support routers, switches, bridges, gateways, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, unicast and other network structure.

* Digital products, easy to expand, without geographical restrictions, no additional room management equipment, adopts network free line construction design, which is  much convenient to install.

* It supports remote hardware upgrade of the terminal, no need go to upgrade at the local site, to reduce maintenance burdens and make more simple operation.

* Built-in Level 2 priority function design:

AUX is the same level as the network background music signal, mixing output. Network alarm signals give priority to AUX and network background music signals.

*POE power supply


Model T-7707A(POE)
Network Interface Standard RJ45 input
Transmission Speed 100Mbps
Protocol TCP/IP, UDP
Network protocol Support IPV6, IPV4 network protocol
Audio Format MP3
Audio Mode 16 bit stereo CD sound quality
Sampling Rate 8KHz~48KHz
Bit Rate 8Kbps~512Kbps
Frequency Response 150Hz~16KHz(+1/-3dB)
Rated Power 7W
Total Power Consuption ≤13W
THD ≤1%
SNR >65dB
SPL (Sound Pressure Level) 92dB
Working Temperature 5℃~40℃
Working Temperature 20%~80% relative humidity, no condensation
Power POE power supply
Dimension 137×125×250mm
Weight 1.88kg
Power supply POE(IEEE802.3at)