T-7700RP Software (Digital IP Network Broadcasting Client Management Software V1.0)

Jaminan Garansi

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Software (Digital IP Network Broadcasting Client Management Software V1.0)



Installed in broadcasting control center or computer, the broadcasting system management and control software serves as an integrated management platform for data exchange, system operation and function operation.



* The software is the operating core of the whole system, centrally manages all audio terminals in the system, including paging mic, intercom

terminal, broadcasting terminal and fire interface device, as well as display operating conditions of audio terminals like IP address, online condition, task condition and volume and so on in real time.

* Support each audio terminal’s operation, audio streaming transmission management, broadcasting from each audio terminal and full-

duplex exchange of audio. It adopts  B /S architecture, support terminal management, user management, program broadcasting management, audio files management, record storage and internal communication scheduling through web login.

* Support program database sources management, timing broadcast and real-time media service VOD for all audio terminals, program broadcasting for each terminal and data interface service for each audio workstation

* Support full-duplex voice data exchange, paging and call from each intercom terminal, various calling modes (like one button to call, one button to intercom, one button to ask for help, one button to alarm and so on), automatic answer, manual answer and custom answer tone.

* Support multiple calling strategies, including call waiting, call forwarding, no answer reminder and custom setting for time strategy and forwarding strategy. It Support setting up call strategy of intercom terminal. It can customize the call time from 0 to 180S or no limit. It can choose whether to answer automatically or not. It also Support customizing the choice of calling ring tones and waiting ring tone.

* Support terminal short circuit linkage trigger. Users can arbitrarily set the trigger scheme and trigger terminal quantity. Trigger scheme includes short circuit output, music playback and patrol alarm, etc.

* Support to program timing tasks, multiple timing programs, support selecting any terminal and setting any time. Support timed task execution test, setting repetition period and a variety of audio source selection for timing tasks (music playback, sound card acquisition, terminal acquisition).

* Support multiple schemes of timed ringing to be enabled at the same time. Each scheme Support multiple tasks to be carried out at the same time. Support all schemes to be enabled/disabled by one button.

* Support bell scheme cloning, task execution and stop control, disable and enable function of timing task.

* Support timing patrol, support execution time and repetition period of the custom patrol task, 0-30s customized interval of the indicator flashing and external lock-free button short-circuit switch (with 3.3V LED indicator light).

* Support today’s task list view, which is easy to manage all scheduled task information and execution status performed today.

* Support terminal tamper alarm. Trigger terminal alarm when terminal is demolished or trigger alarm for other terminal linkage. Support alarm task to automatically cancel the alarm function.

* Support external power management of audio terminals, timing switch on and delay off. Support light control and the light mode configuration.

* Support all zones, part of the zones fire linkage, N±N fire mode, manual alarm and digital alarm mixing, alarm configuration to trigger terminal collection tasks

* Support terminals’ login password central management, multiple priority management, easy automatic authorization, task priority, terminal priority, user priority customization.

* Support sub-control management of multi-users and arbitrary degree to achieve remote program broadcasting management.

* Support multi-user, multi-level, specified permissions, specified functions, and specified terminals to classify and manage the background.

* The terminals support three-wire and four-wire volume control function, the four-wire volume control needs external power supply.

* Support to set the zones and control the power to the 8-channel terminal through web background or sub-control client side.

* Support to set the time display in the terminals, can set 0 – 6 level brightness value, it can realize no time display mode when the terminal is offline.

* Support to set different light mode to the terminals, the customized light mode including red on, red off, green on, green off, the time can be from 0.1s to 10s.

* Support to configure freezing time of  the terminals to forbidden any operation to the terminals in the freezing period, this function is applicable for exam or rest period.

* Support broadcast, intercom, real-time acquisition, terminal monitoring and recording.

* Support remote on-demand operation by remote controller.

* Support terminal audio acquisition and broadcast function.

* Support local audio collection function, the local file can be played to any designated terminal.

* Support scheduled offline ringing function, which enables the terminal to perform scheduled ringing tasks when the network is disconnected; Support offline downloading of ringing tasks; support to clear the offline tasks on the terminals.

* Support the telephone broadcasting function, realize the function that the telephone initiates all zone broadcasting or part of the zones or single zone broadcasting.

* Support text broadcast function, which can convert text into voice message, support speech speed adjustment in the background, and setting male or female voice function.

* Support remote firmware upgrade to the terminal, no need to upgrade locally, which can reduce the maintenance work.

* Support background skin change function, you can switch skin theme freely according to your preference.

* Support multi-language function, support simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, etc.

* Support terminal details exporting function, support to export the configuration details of the current system terminal by table.

* Support batch modification of the time of scheduled tasks and execution terminal.

* Support for mobile WIFI on-demand broadcast, broadcast, intercom functions, compatible with Android and IOS system APP for operation.

* Support SDK kits, standard MFC dynamic link libraries and HTTP protocols to achieve integration with third-party platforms.

* Support docking with a high-precision GPS-based timing system, which can provide broadcast system timing independently with the Internet, making the system time error less than 1/300000 seconds per year.

* Support electronic map function, can check terminal status on map / navigation map in real time.

* Support online map function, you can directly use google map to view terminal status on the map in real time.

* Support the terminal to self define the area division, realizing the management of the terminal’s real-time  status according to different zones.

* The log records the system operation status, and records the system operation and terminal working status in real time. Each paging, call and broadcast operation is recorded.

* The system is compatible with any network structure such as router, switch, bridge gateway, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, etc.

* Windows service mode, support win7, server2008 and higher systems.

* It uses the background system service to run, which is an enterprise-level standard server working mode. The system can run automatically when the system is turned on. It has higher stability and reliability than the software running in the foreground of the interface.