T-6832C Ultra-thin speaker

Jaminan Garansi

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* Ultra-thin aluminum alloy structure, 32mm in thickness; sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and durable.

* Imported polymer multi-layer honeycomb diaphragm, low Young’s modulus, light weight, high bending resistance and moderate damping.

* Built-in 8 drivers, NdFeB strong magnetic circuit; two 20mm silk diaphragm tweeters.

* 360 degrees of sound coverage, plane wave transmission, comfortable vocal sound, and long transmission distance.

* Wide frequency response range, 120Hz-18KHz plane sound.

* Ultra-thin (32mm) housing, high-strength aluminum alloy material, fine anodized grain surface, elegant appearance.

* Support multi-point installation, horizontal and vertical installation.

* Resistant to mildew, moisture and salt mist.

* Application: PA system in airports, cars, railways and subway stations; internal broadcasting in ships and warships; PA system and emergency broadcasting in schools, shopping malls, hotels, and institutions; emergency broadcasting in public places such as parks and squares.


Model T-6832C
Rated power 100W
Maximum SPL 106dB
Sensitivity 88dB ±3dB
Input voltage 100V
Frequency response 120Hz -18KHz
Diaphragm area Two 300mm×300mm
Driver 8 woofer drivers; 2 tweeter drivers
Size 686×320×32mm
Weight 6.9kg