T-671/ T-672/ T-673/ T-674/ T-675 Volume Control

Jaminan Garansi

  • Check Mark 3 Tahun Speaker System
  • Check Mark 2 Tahun Conference System
  • Check Mark 1 Tahun LED Display System

Model with “F” with alarm cutting function;

Note: Standard universal plastic bottom box (L80× W80×D60mm) can be used for installation.


Model T-671 T-672 T-673 T-674 T-675
Input Power 6W 15W 30W 60W 100W
Control Mode Transformer
Signal Input 70~100V
Signal Output 0~100V
Speaker Type Voltage Speaker
Frequency Response 80Hz-16KHz
Step 11 Steps
Finish PC, white
Mounting Size 80 x 80 x 60mm
Dimension 86.7 x 86.7 x 67.5mm
Weight 0.14Kg 0.20Kg 0.20Kg 0.20Kg 0.22Kg
Accessory One pair screw of M4 x 25