T-6242 Speaker Line Supervision

Jaminan Garansi

  • Check Mark 3 Tahun Speaker System
  • Check Mark 2 Tahun Conference System
  • Check Mark 1 Tahun LED Display System


This is a equipment for detecting linear impedance (power), linear open circuit and linear overload of horn.


* Rack mounted design in 2U height.

*Adopt 192×64 pixel matrix LCD display and working status indicator.

* LCD English display and 1-10 channel status indicator.

* Detection over speaker line impedance, open circuit, short circuit and overloading.

* Timely detect speaker loop line.

* Speaker line detection no interrupt with music broadcasting or paging.

* Indications include indicator color change and buzzer alarm when speaker line impedance has been changed.

* Each channel detection Max. 2000W speaker loading.

* LCD real time display speaker line’s status and power.

* Suitable for 100V and 70V line speaker system.

* Ten channel inputs and outputs.

* AC110V or 230V and DC 24V DC operation.

* Pre-setting memory function even in case of power off.


Model T-6242
Power Supply ~110V-230V  50/60Hz & DC 24V
Power Consumption 20W
Dimension 484 x 303 x 88mm
Weight 5.36Kg