T-4120DS/ T-4240DS/ T-4350DS/ T-4500DS 4-Channel Class-D Amplifier

Jaminan Garansi

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Provide regional power amplification for broadcast systems, suitable for broadcast systems such as clubs, venues, shopping centers, etc. with multi-channel high-power amplifier requirements.


* Adopting high-efficiency Class-D amplifying circuit with built-in high-efficiency switching power supply, which makes the whole machine efficiency up to 85%.

* Reasonable heat dissipation layout is adopted inside the product, which enables the product to maintain a working temperature lower than 55 degrees even in extremely harsh working environment, greatly extending the service life of the equipment.

* 1U standard 19-inch industrial chassis design.

* Providing 4 channel of 100 v or 4-16 Ω output terminal wiring speaker.

* Without transformer output 100V and can switch constant resistance 4-16Ω output.

* The fault output function can remotely monitor the working state of amplifier.

* The product has short circuit, overload and overheat protection.

* Support 4-channel independent power supply function.

* 85% high-efficiency amplifier with low power loss and heat output.

* 4-channel European terminal balanced input and 4-channel European terminal output.


Model T-4120DS T-4240DS T-4350DS T-4500DS
Rated Power Output 4×120W 4×240W 4×350W 4×500W
Rated Output 100V/4-16Ω
Input Sensitivity ±385mV/20KΩ,Balance input
Overload Source

Electromotive Force

Frequency Response 80Hz~16KHz (+1, -3dB)
Signal-to-noise Ratio ≥85dB
THD ≤0.1% at 1KHz, 1/3 Rated power
Control Remote power control and fault indication
Indicator Light Signal, peak, protection, power
Protection Overheat, overload, short circuit
Cooling Fan forced cooling
Power Supply 230V/50Hz
Power Consumption 750W 1250W 1750W 2250W
Dimension 484×315×44mm
Weight 5.9Kg 6.0Kg 6.2Kg 6.3Kg