We have just finished our sound reinforcement system in Kunming third Middle school. As the leading audio system provider in China, we have completed thousands of stadium project like this.

The stadium is 2500 square meters have 1500 seats and are mostly used for holding large Sports event and Athletic competition, also the school wants to hold some major performance like anniversary celebration, new year show.


The system we design take into consideration of what the user needs, what effect must achieve and as detail as where to hook the speaker and how much weight can it take.


In the central area we 4 main line array speaker, 1 pair facing south another pair facing north. Each line array constituted by three 6 inch 150W active speaker and one 18 inch 350W woofer.


We also design 6 line array similar to the central area line array but without the woofer in the Auditorium,  combine three line array as one pair, one pair facing south, one pair facing north.

Audio source includes 1 DVD and 1  HD recorder, according to the requirements we install 8 Gooseneck table MIC in the rostrum plus 4 Wired Handheld Microphones and 2 wireless microphones. Satisfy the need of music and Tournament coverage.

For audio signal processing, we use our 24 Channel Audio Mixer, 16 Mono input channels, 4 Stereo input channels, 2 return input channel, 4 AUX output channels. And 8 Input and 8 Output Digital Audio Matrix Processor TS-P880, this model is the best audio matrix and signal processor of ITC.

Wireless hand-held MIC2T-521UH
Collar Wireless MIC2T-521UL
Desktop MIC8TS-337
Wired Hand held MIC4TS-331
Logarithmic Directional Antennas1T-522B
Active Line Array Loudspeaker4LA-1200P
Active Line Array Loudspeaker12LA-2650P
Active Line Array Loudspeaker30LA-2650P
Professional Speaker2TS-112H
Professional Speaker1TA-H12
24 Channel Audio Mixer1TS-24P-4
Digital Audio Matrix Processor1TS-P880
8 Channel Stereo Signal Distributor2TS-205
8 Channel Power Sequencer2TS-820
6 inch Wall Mount Active Speaker1T-776A

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